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Greenlands Primary

We are an independent organisation approved Academy sponsor by the Department for Education to support and sponsor other schools.

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Our School Day

  • School Opens 8.40am.
  • Registration 8.55am – 9am.
  • Assembly 9am- 9.15am
  • Session 1 9.15am -10.15am. (Usually English)
  • BREAK KS1  10.30am -10.45am.
  • BREAK KS2 10.45am -11.00am.
  • Session 2 10.30 – 10.55 (Small group phonics or spelling/grammar)
  • Session 3 10.55 - 12.00 (Usually Maths) 
  • LUNCH KS1 12 noon – 1pm
  • LUNCH KS2 12.30pm - 1.30pm  (1/2hr sitting down eating at a table together, 1/2hr playing outside)
  • Session 4  1.00pm – 1.20 Reading Activities (Guided reading or Individual quiet reading)
  • Session 5 1.35pm - 3.10pm (EYFS & KS 1 have a short afternoon break during this session)
  • The day ends at 3.10pm.and children are escorted to parents.

8.40am – Children are met on entry by a member of SLT and Mrs Martin, our FLO.  We operate a system where parents can leave a message with either of these staff which is then passed on to the class teacher.  The children go unaccompanied into class where there is early morning work set up for them

3.10pm – At the end of the day all the children are seen to their parents by teaching staff plus the Headteacher and FLO.  No child is allowed to leave the school site until staff are sure of their safety.


  • PE for children in year 1 will be on Monday and Thursday
  • PE for children in year 2 will be on Tuesday and Thursday
  • PE for children in year 3 will be on Monday and Friday
  • PE for children in year 4 will be on Monday and Friday
  • PE for children in year 5 will be on Wednesday and Friday
  • PE for children in year 6 will be on Monday and Tuesday


 Parents who bring or collect their children by car are requested to use the car park on the village side of the school entrance ONLY. Parking in the road leading to school is not allowed for Health and Safety reasons. At no time should any cars be parked near the main double gates, this is an emergency access.