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Shakespeare (Year 1)

Welcome to the Year One webpage
Shakespeare Class taught by Mrs Taylor, Miss Nolan and Miss Southin
This term we will be reading the story ‘Grace and family’. This is a picture book set in Africa and the children will have the opportunity to explore the illustrations and emphasise with the characters issues and dilemmas. There will be opportunities to write using the format of letters, diary entries, postcards and speech and thought bubbles. This will also link to our geography, art and design and technology, where we will be making traditional African food and designing African clothing.  Later in the term this will be followed with the book ‘Anna Hibiscus’ allowing for lots more writing opportunities. Finally we will look at a non-fiction text book ‘One Day, On Our Blue Planet… In The Savannah’ allowing opportunity to explore the difference between a non – fiction and a fiction book.
Weekly spellings will be given out with the home work each week and the children will also be learning these in school.
This term we will be concentrating on number - place value within twenty, number- addition and subtraction within 20, place value within 50 and measurement length and height. We will continue to learn our number bonds within 20 and our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

We will begin our science topic this term with 'Seasonal Changes'. The children will have the opportunity to explore the weather on a daily basis and record their findings in a large book. This will be ongoing throughout the year. They will also discover how the weather changes over the period of a year and look at cloud formation.  Later in the term our topic will be 'plants'. The children will have the opportunity to plant and grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers and learn how to care for them.
Our topic this term is geography based. The children will be studying the 'United Kingdom', where they will find out the names of the four countries, their capital cities and the surrounding seas. They will use map and atlas skills and they will also be looking at the human and physical features of these places. Following this the children will be looking at 'London' and 'The Gambia', where they will make a comparison between the two places.
Top tips for great learning in Year One.

Practise your spellings at home! You can impress your teacher by using them correctly in your writing in school.

 Please click here to see the spelling list

A useful maths website for you to use at home is:

Remember to do lots of reading at home. Try to read different types of books such as Non-fiction, where you can learn lots of amazing facts, or fiction books full of fun and exciting stories!