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Hawking (Year 4)

Welcome to Hawking class’ web page! It’s been a busy but enjoyable Autumn term for us. The children have all settled in really well and impress me every day with their resilience and achievements. Here’s what we’ve been up to.


In Maths we have been working hard looking at place value starting with Roman Numerals, rounding numbers, comparing numbers, ordering numbers as well focusing on times tables. We have just begun our addition and subtraction unit where we are looking at adding and subtracting four-digit numbers. We will continue with this after the half term, building and consolidating the children’s previous learning. Each day the children complete fluency and problem-solving questions and they are becoming really efficient in working through these problems strategically and successfully.


In Literacy we began the year looking at  our house names and the inspirational sports people they are named after. We used this to help us focus on important learning habits of mind to encourage the children to be resilient, creative and independent learners. We spent some time researching our class name Stephen Hawking and the children enjoyed writing fact files, which are displayed in the hall. We also looked at careers the children would like to pursue when they are older and wrote diary entries imagining a day in the life of their chosen role.


Our Literacy book we have been studying is Arthur and the Golden Rope. We have been discussing the illustrations, making predictions based on these and have written a letter to Professor Brownstone applying to win a competition to enter his vault to see his worldly possessions. Hawking class have enjoyed some drama activities creating freeze frames and also enjoyed learning about features of poetry, coming up with some fantastic poems on the topic of ‘Books’ and how they are treasured items. The children became experts at using similes, rhyme, rhythm and alliteration in their poems and loved reading them aloud to the class. We have just begun looking into newspaper articles and the children will be taking on the role of reporters to document an event which has happened in Arthur and the Golden Rope. The children are excited to plan and produce their own newspaper articles based on this.


In Science we are well into our topic on Living Things and their Habitats. We have looked at life process, how we can group living things based on their characteristics, learnt to distinguish between vertebrates and invertebrates and have looked at the five animal groups within the vertebrate group. We will be continuing with this in the coming weeks and using the school field to go on an invertebrate hunt looking to identify living things based on their different characteristics.


We have been focusing on History as our topic for the last few weeks and have looked at what life was like in Anglo Saxon times, drawing and describing a typical village and have created Viking timelines. In Art, children created their own Viking long ships using a paper template and following step by step instructions. The children loved creating these and they are proudly displayed in our classroom. In our sketch books, the children have used sketching skills to sketch Stephen Hawking, which they did really successfully. They then went on to sketch a famous building in Oxford (where Stephen Hawking was born) called the Radcliffe Camera. We have begun our Art topic based on Claude Monet and have looked at some of the skills he used when painting. In our next Art lesson, we will begin using water paints to try and recreate some of his famous paintings.


In French, children have been learning general greetings as well as animal names, days of the week and colours. For DT our topic is ‘Juggling balls’. We have looked at evaluating designs in order to work out what designs are best suited for juggling balls. In the coming weeks, children will be designing and making their own juggling balls using material, testing the best fillings, decorating using fabric paints and then learning how to stitch and join it all together. We are incredibly excited about this project!


RE for this term we have been looking at the Bible and what makes it a sacred text, looking at other things that are sacred to us in our lives. In PSHE we have been discussing relationships and how to be a good friend. In Computing we have been learning about E Safety and the children have also spent some time in class on Times Table Rockstars. We will be looking at coding in the coming weeks and how we can use coding to instruct and create computer systems.


PE, this term we have been going swimming weekly and also partake in 15-minute moves twice a week in the morning, which either takes place in the classroom or in the playground. The children have also been having weekly violin lessons, which they are thoroughly enjoying and they are now being to taught to read music.


Overall it has been a fantastic term. I’m looking forward to watching the children continue to grow and learn throughout the year and am excited for what is to come in the rest of Year 4.