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Hawking (Year 4)


In Maths we have covered Addition and Subtraction, Measurement and have begun our unit on Multiplication and Division.


During our Addition and Subtraction unit we looked at the following:

* adding and subtracting 10s, 100s and 1000s

* addition and subtraction using column method with and without exchange

* estimating using both addition and subtraction and working out the inverse.


We then moved on to a short unit on Measurement where we looked at kilometres and converting between units, followed by working out the perimeter of shapes


Thus far in our Multiplication and Division unit, we have covered multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 and multiplying and dividing by 1. We have also spent a great deal of time learning our 6, 7 and 9 times tables learning both multiplication and division facts for each.


Alongside following our Maths curriculum the children have each been learning their own times tables and are progressing well through our Times Table Tracker unit.


In Literacy we have been reading and exploring the Green Ship, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. We have discussed characters and emotions, described settings, written poems, a story, as well as a diary entry in role. The children also enjoyed creating freeze frame drama scenes from the book to further explore characters and events from the story.


In topic we have continued looking at the Vikings, the battles they took part in, where they originated from and what life was like in Viking times. In Science we looked at animals and their characteristics - looking at ways we can group them. We then went on to do the same with plants using classification keys to help us.


During Art the children have looked at Freda Kahlo and how she drew portraits and they then re-created portraits in her style, creating frames round their drawings. They also thoroughly enjoyed drawing Viking long ships, producing some amazing sketches.


The children spent 8 weeks going swimming for their PE lessons and all children were able to swim to some extent by the end of this period - which was amazing considering a few were scared of the water to begin with.


The children have worked very hard this term and deserve a well-earned break over the holidays!