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Greenlands Primary

We are an independent organisation approved Academy sponsor by the Department for Education to support and sponsor other schools.

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School Council

Our School Council has 12 members, 2 children from each class (years 1-6) who were elected by their peers. Its purpose is to represent the views of all pupils and improve the school.

This year the School Council has organised several fundraising activities. The councillors presented an assembly about Children in Need and then arranged and took part in a sponsored run around the field which raised £750. Later in the year they arranged and ran a bake sale for Red Nose Day which raised £440.

Older members of the School Council had the opportunity to learn about the process of democracy when they visited the Houses of Parliament in London.

School Councillors were consulted about the new school uniform and had the opportunity to express their opinion. They were also given the chance to express their views with regard to improvements being made to the school.

"I enjoy being a school councillor because my voice gets heard.” Abigail