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Greenlands Primary

We are an independent organisation approved Academy sponsor by the Department for Education to support and sponsor other schools.

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PE and Sport Premium

PE and Sports Grant

This funding is provided to each school to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of our pupils so that they can develop healthy lifestyles. We are required to report on how we use these funds and the difference made to P.E. and Sport in our school as a result.



Our allocation is £8000 +£5 per child in years 1 - 6 as on the day of Jan this equates to £8690                              (Sept – March 7/12 - £5069.17)

Spend this Academic year Sept 2015 - March 2016

  • KinderSports – £3375
  • Equipment repair trimtrail – £790
  • Football Kit - £120
  • Greenacre Scheme of Work – £815
  • Total £5100

 We have decided to no longer use KinderSports as our sports provider, allowing our teachers to use their skills to deliver good quality lessons. We have also purchased a new scheme (Greenacre) which comes highly recommended.

Our main focus moving forward will be to focus on spending the money on staff CPD.  For example football coaching sessions or Gymnastics.  We are looking at whole school PE training on an INSET day at the beginning of the year.  We would also like to offer more unusual sports to motivate those who have a more negative attitude to PE, for example Archery.


 Please click here to see the report for PE and Sports Premium 

PE Sports Grant 2018-19

The focus and spend of the PE premium grant this year is on equipment to increase activities for all children across the school.

There are plans in place for the development of a new trim trail, climbing wall and playground provision, but this can't be carried out until the completion of the ongoing building work.  This means that the money is available and waiting to be spent as soon as the  provision can be improved.

We run a '15 minute move' twice a week across the school to increase participation in physical activity and encourage more children to move and be active.  This has been running since September.

Action plan for 2018-19

 Swimming at Darenth


All children in Key Stage 2 now have the opportunity to swim for 8 weeks each year.  This is allowing all children from year 3 upwards to take part in regular swimming session.

In our recent Year 6 class, 53% were able to swim the required distance and have the correct level of water safety needed.

The plan to increase swimming time for all Key Stages is to increase this overall percentage.