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Greenlands Primary


Our Governing Body

On Behalf of the Governors I am delighted to welcome you to Greenlands Primary School.

 The governors are volunteers who have a commitment to the school, its pupils, staff and buildings as well as to the local community of which it is a part. We are all proud to be associated with Greenlands Primary School.

In the past year under the leadership of our Head of School, Graham Ward, everyone at the school has worked very hard to improve the quality of all aspects of school life. Staff and pupils have coped admirably with temporary classrooms scattered across the school site and a large area of the school grounds fenced off as a building site. The children have learnt and played well, and our results are better than the previous year. The governors and I congratulate the staff and children for all their hard work and resilience.

We start term 1 2019 with 3 new classrooms, a new library, a fourth classroom having been refurbished, plans for improving our outside learning spaces and for new play equipment in the school grounds.

We were pleased to help the school to become a member of Cygnus Academies Trust in February 2019 and everyone at Greenlands Primary School is benefitting from the support that the Trust is giving us.

The governors look forward to continuing to play their part in the life of Greenlands Primary School in the coming school year.

Trevor Chapman, Vice-Chair of Governors.

Who Are We?

Our Governing Body consists of:

  • The Headteacher
  • two elected Parent Governors
  • up to six Co-opted Governors
  • two elected Staff Governors

The standard term of office for a governor is four years.  The chair and vice-chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year.

Graham Ward

Trevor Chapman 

Having had a career in Human Resources and GP Practice Management, I am now retired. I have been a Governor at this school for three years and believe it has made huge improvements under the current Head of School and his excellent team. I have a keen interest in supporting the recruitment of new staff and staff development processes. In my private life, I am passionate about music and the arts. I anticipate that this school will continue to make huge strides as Greenlands Primary and I remain committed to assisting it on this exciting journey.

Kerry O'Hare

My name is Kerry O’Hare and I am the staff governor for Greenlands Primary School. I am now in my sixth year as an Early Years teacher here and I am passionate about the Foundation Stage. I am delighted with all the building improvements around the school, especially in the Reception Class outdoor area! I am also a keen environmentalist and aim to develop eco-friendly strategies to support our school environment

Sara Miller

I was once many years ago an ex pupil at this school and now a newly appointed governor. I have a child that joined the school in year 2 and has just gone into year 3. I have been impressed by the positive changes implemented in that short time and look forward to being able to support future progression.

Maria Rushbrooke 

I have been a governor at the school for approximately 8 years. I currently run the local preschool and have always had good links with the school. I chose this school for both my children because of the inclusive culture and the great aspirations of the staff at the school. Over the last 8 years I have seen and been part of many great changes in the school and I am extremely excited for the future of this growing School.      

Ingrid Chivers

I have been a co-opted governor for approximately 6 years. The main reason for myself becoming a governor was that my children attended this school and I wanted to play an active part in their education. Within the time of myself being a governor, I can see the achievements the school has made and look forward to our school’s continuing progress.


Helen Bigwood  

My name is Helen Bigwood I was elected in 2019 as a parent governor my reasons for standing for parent governor are I have 2 children at the school at present and my oldest child has left this year and my youngest will be attending in the near future, I have a great interest in securing the futures of not just my children's futures but the futures of the children in the community. The changes over the recent years have been my inspiration and seeing real results for the children being a positive drive for the rest of their learning years.


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