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Greenlands Primary

Autumn Learning


Our focus this term is 'giving and kindness' and children will be completing lots of activities around these themes including defining what kindness is, how kindness effects others and how kindness effects yourself.


In English the children will be using the book The Midnight Fox by Betsy Byars. Children will use this book as a stimulus for their writing. They will focus on broadening their understanding of writers' use of language and building a varied vocabulary. They will write in role in order to explore and develop understanding of a character, and write a range of texts in role based on fictional experiences. 


In maths this term the children will be focusing on statistics, multiplication and division, and perimeter and area Don't forget to direct your children to the the TTRockstars website to practise their times tables, this is a really exciting website and children love it!! 


In geography this term children will be comparing the Isle of Wight to Santorini to enable the children to answer the question Isle of Wight or Santorini? Which island would provide the best quality of life and why? Children will analyse evidence and draw conclusions.


In science children will be exploring animals including humans. They will be learning about the stages of human development, the growth and development of babies, changes that happen during puberty and old age, gestation periods for animals and life expectancy. 


In PE children will be focusing on football skills. These include dribbling, passing, shooting and defending. Please make sure that your child has a full PE kit including either trainers or plimsoles, a dark pair of jogging bottoms and a dark sweat shirt would also be a great idea as PE lessons will have to take place outside for the foreseeable future.

Online Learning

 A link to the Oak National Academy pages can be found here:



 Daily Video lessons can be found on the BBC bitesize website, these cover all subject areas and can be found by following this link 



Axel Scheffler has produced a book to explain Coronavirus to primary school children. It’s free to download at https://axelscheffler.com/books-for-older-children/coronavirus