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Rowling (Year 5)

Maths lessons in Year 5 last term focussed primarily on topics linked to multiplication and division, including square and cube number as well as learning which numbers are prime.  We also looked at how to find the perimeter and area of simple and compound rectilinear shapes.  Our learning about multiplication and division continues next term so the children would benefit from any extra practice to ensure they are secure with multiplication and division facts for times tables up to 12x12.
As a whole class in English last term we read two books; Love that Dog and Cosmic, both of which presented us with opportunities to complete interesting writing tasks including a variety of persuasive writing and free verse poetry.  Indeed, Love that Dog was a surprising class favourite - a book written in diary fashion telling of a boy's relationship with his poetry lessons - and has possibly inspired a few reluctant poets!  Please continue to encourage your children to choose a wide range of texts for personal reading, they might be surprised by what they actually find enjoyable.
Our science topic of Earth and Space enabled us to experience some cross-curricular learning when linked to the book Cosmic.  The children enjoyed learning about the Sun, the Moon and the planets in our Solar System.  At the end of the topic they designed their own planet!  They thought about what it might be made of, it's orbit, size, surface temperature etc using the information they had learned about the real planets.  Next term our topic will be animals including humans, where we will be learning about the stages of growth and development of humans.
In our topic lessons we continued our investigation of early civilisations through the study of the Maya civilisation and completed some fantastic artwork based on the drawings of Frederick Catherwood.  Our topic this term has a geographical focus as we will be comparing a region of the United Kingdom with a region in a European country.