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Elizabeth (Year R)

Our topic for this term is History

This term our topic is History. We have been thinking about our own history since we were born in 2014 or 2015. We looked at the differences between us as babies and us now. We have also looked at a significant historical event for each year that we have been alive. 

We also looked at the Chinese New Year celebrations and read the story about why each month is named after a different animal. We used chopsticks to try and pick up noodles and rice in our role play house and watched videos of dragon dances.

 We will soon be going on our second school trip, to the Planetarium and Cutty Sark at Greenwich.


In Maths we have been learning to recite, count objects and recognise numbers to 10 then 20. We have begun to use the subtraction symbol to take away an amount from a group of objects and find how many are left. We have made our own subtraction sentences using different dice and solved by counting back. We have also begun to look at how to find the missing number on a bar model. 


In Phonics we will continue to learn new phonemes/graphemes daily.           We have been learning to blend the phonemes to read words and to segment them for spelling.

In Literacy we have been looking at different books, focusing on retelling the stories in sequence. We have also looked at different features of the books, such as the front cover, blurb, and title.

We have been practising writing super sentences, using a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop at the end. We have tried to use good describing words in our writing.

These are some of the activities the children have been up to:-