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Greenlands Primary

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Churchill (Year 2)


Taught by: Mrs Baker, Mrs Dunne and Miss Ferguson

Spring 1

Welcome back after the Christmas holiday. We hope you have had a restful break, and your children are ready for the spring term. 

English - Book this term: Meerkat Mail

Sunny the meerkat lives with his enormous family in the Kalahari desert. They are all very close . . . so close, in fact, that one day Sunny decides he's had enough and packs his bags. He's off to visit his mongoose cousins. But from the watery world of the Marsh Mongoose to the nocturnal lifestyle of the Malagasy Mongoose, Sunny just doesn't fit in.

We will be following Sunny's journey, and learning how to use interesting adjectives, adverbs and powerful verbs in our writing. We will be exploring how to write for different purposes and experimenting with new vocabulary and spellings. 


This term we will be concentrating on; statistics and properties of shape. We will continue to learn our times tables and consolidate our number and place value skills.  


This term we will be learning about 'Rainforests' and we will be trying to answer the question: Why does it rain in a rainforest? To answer this question we will be using geographical skills to find out where in the world we find rainforests, how a rainforest is created and which animals and plants are found in a rainforest.  


This term we will be studying 'Living things and their habitats'. We will be differentiating between things that  are alive, things that are dead and things that have never been alive. We will be learning about different habitats and exploring contrasting localities. 

Ways to help your child

Read with your child regularly; ten minutes each evening makes such a difference! 

Encourage your child to practise their times tables, doubles, halves and spellings.