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Greenlands Primary

Children's work from home

Ted has been working hard this week, her are a selection of photo's from his week, stay safe and have fun. 













The Buckley children have been investigating frog spawn, keep sending us pictures as they develop.


 The Carlton family have had a very busy week. Look at how much they have done! 


 The McMahon family have been very busy.


 Lily-May has been very busy, working through her work books and growing some plants 


 Arifeen and Khadijah have been busy working on peace rainbows to go up at home.


 Olivia has been working really hard from home growing vegetables and looking after her chickens (it won't let me load the video). That cake looks amazing! 


 Aiden has been busy at home working on his handwriting and phonics, along with some creative work in the garden.